As I lie here motionless
Dying or perhaps I'm dead
Things I buried surface now
Remembering all the things I said
The pain comes as a numbing wave
For me, there is no way to save
Emotions that should be long gone
I need the strength to carry on
I toss and turn, find no way out
I am so weak, can't even shout

This buzzing in my ears
I can't hear myself think
Cannot concentrate enough
I can't help but want to sink
Want to drown all of my problems
But instead I drown in tears
I need to find a way out
To escape all of my fears

Feel a need to hate myself
Slowly slipping out of touch
Find that everything's my fault
Solution, I need far too much
The waves collide into my brain
Sometimes I wish I was insane
At least then I wouldn't recognize
This pain inside that I realize
It's too much to ask for reprieve
The pain grows worse, I must receive


Need a focus to my hate
But the deeper that I look
Only more questions arise
This part of me someone took
I want to let these problems slide
There's no where left for me to hide
I've been stripped down to naked parts
I don't know when each problem starts
I know a need a quick release
To cure me of this sick disease


There's no where left for me to hide
The only answer, suicide