The pain I feel won't go away
And once again, I hear you say
You're here for me, although you're not
You say you're here, won't let me talk
My eyes, my face, they're burning up
Emotions race, I've had enough
Of all this pain, you put me through
And soon I'll make you feel it too

You take away, you pull at me
I never feel like I am free
Someday you'll know just how it feels
The pain within will make you kneel

It pulls at me, it's back again
I see, I feel, I know the pain
It shows me why I cannot win
I know, I feel my anger spin
I'm sick of all your constant lies
You cannot cover up my eyes
How can you understand my mind?
You'll never know, you are so blind


Embrace the dark, it's all I have
The light, it burns, it makes me mad
You lie to me, I want no more
I feel you burning at my core
Take me away to better days
To see your face the day I say


Will you stop pulling at me
I'm about to fall apart