Strip me of my pride again
All I can do is take the pain
Nothing makes it go away
I know the pain is here to stay
You're the source of all my hurt
You push my down into the dirt
I guess I don't mean much to you
For you to cheat me like you do

No one loves me, no one cares
From all this pain I'm never spared
But when it's done I have to see
Just why the hell you're hurting me

Inside me I feel I'm broken
I keep on going, never knowing
Why I'm bleeding deep inside
Depression comes and goes like tides
It's always drowning me in sorrow
Inside me, I feel so hollow
Now I feel it, overwhelming
You keep telling me it's alright
And when you say it'll go away
It only lasts that much longer


Look into these eyes and see
The pain and horror that tortures me
And when it's done I'm all alone
By myself, I'm on my own
I'm bleeding on the inside