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Chapter One - Middle School Reading List

'In the face of total defeat, the hero rose slowly to his feet, staring eye to eye into
death itself.
Slowly, pulling his mystical sword from his belt, he recited the magical incantation that
would either save the whole world or utterly destroy it. With every soft spoken word, his
enchanted blade, the legendary Sword of Sorrow would glow brighter and brighter in his hand.'

"What absolute crap!"


"I am so sick of those stupid fantasy stories you read, Sakuya, why don't you try
something a bit more classical, like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, or the Three
Musketeers or something..."

The boy marked his page, looking up at his older brother standing before him, frowning
like their father used to when he was displeased.

"I've already read those, Kyoji, back in second grade..." the boy grumbled, ready to pick
up his book and continue where he had left off.

"Yeah, and look at you now, you're in middle school and you're reading the kind of crap
some of my buddies read at school... All the fantasy crap... Next thing I'll see you'll be going to
some role playing convention dressed up like some fairy..."

His brother had always been so graphic in detail.

"I'm going to ignore that comment, Kyoji..."

"Sakuya..." the older boy said shaking his head and leaving the living room where he had
been lecturing his little brother. "I doubt I'll ever get you..."

Sakuya smiled, picking up his book again. He had to admit that the book was pretty bad.
The author described things in too much detail with too many unnecessary words and flowery
phrases. Sakuya felt like he was reading some long, drawn out love making scene in one of his
older sister's smut books. But a fantasy had to do for the while, he was too sick to go outside
and go to the library. His older brother was assigned the task of picking up books for the
sickly boy, but since his brother had been taking extra college courses he had been too busy to
do much else but study and sleep.

Sakuya's mother was always working in the offices, telling someone to do this and another
to do that. As for his father, he had died after he was born in an accident and no one talked
too much about him. His older sister was married and living on Stellar 2 Colony, working as a
fashion designer while her husband marketed it. His brother Kyoji too was heading for a
successful career in medicine, but Sakuya had his doubts that Kyoji would ever work in a
situation where he had to have a supervisor, Kyoji was a bit of a rebel...

Sakuya hadn't been the youngest child, he had had a brother, a twin brother who had died
soon after he was born. Sakuya always wondered if his life would have been as lonely if his
brother had lived. But it didn't bother Sakuya's thoughts as much as it once had. He was
getting better, out of the hospital and at home and soon when the fall started he would return
to school again. But until then, Sakuya was content to read anything he could find and because
of reading he didn't feel as lonely.


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