Twisted, tortured inside me
I want to let these demons free
Don't want to let them out on you
I'm not sure which feelings are true

Truth that is twisted
Truth that is sick
Your fingers in my head
Another fucking trick
You push it all aside
Ignore how hard I tried
Ah man, help came too late
I just need some escape

So soft that I can't feel
So hard that I am stunned
A dream or is this real
Again, I'm on the run
I'm running from you
And the shit that you do
There's nowhere to run
I got to jump the gun

Assume that I'm to blame

You know what strings to pull
To make me let it out
And just when I get full
Of pain you start to shout
My fault, your fault
Either way it goes
Go on, pour the salt
You're just one of my foes

Now you want to twist
My head a little harder
Now you got to push
The limit a bit farther
You don't know when to quit
And now I'm sick of it
Now my turn to push back
You didn't see my attack


Twisted, tortured inside me
Assume that I'm to blame
I want to let these demons free
Come on, you feel the pain

Come on, feel the pain
You twist me once again