By kyllir

A/N: I was feeling kinda down when I wrote this.

Darkness. Frustration. Hate. All these emotions are swirling in my mind, these thoughts... preventing me from doing anything, I am a helpless prisoner to my mind. My friends, family, no one can save me from my abyssal hell. There is nothing but blackness surrounding me as I lose myself in the chaotic swirl. A tornado, of destructive thoughts.
A voice screams over the chaos, it tells me that no one understands me, that my friends will never want to have anything to do with me, that my family's high expectations for me will never be satisfied. That they will always assume that what they want is what I want. No one understands. My eyes are sore from the tears that keep on flowing as the despair sets into my soul. The giddy laughter that usually comes from my mouth is replaced by a mournful cry. I cry as a song rises in my heart. A song that will never be sung. A song no one would understand, I want so much to open my mouth and let the notes fly gracefully into the air and calm this hellish environment I am in. Though I try, no sound escapes my lips. I am mute to the world, The darkness continues to shroud my world. Through my stinging tears, I see the last tiny light disappear as the despair completely takes me.
I fear I shall never escape this prison, I will float in my bubble of frustration for the rest of eternity...