It's the dawn of a new day,

From Dawn to Dusk

It's the dawn of a new day,
The coming of a new time.
Oppression is over, freedom is found.
We can express ourselves here.
Time passes, and the sun shines brighter,
Busy communes working underneath.
Happy chattering, laughter, friends.
Life is pristine, never touched.
It's high noon, the light reaches its peak.
It seems like nothing could break us.
We're strong, we're happy,
The community is thriving.
Dusk approaches, and bandits come,
Wrecking our homes, stealing our pride.
In such a small time,
All we had built was lost to the
Greedy hands of the people afar.
Twilight, and the bandits have left,
But the damage is done.
Soon night will fall,
And the once busy community will be nothing but
A ghost town,
Languishing pitifully in the dark.