~~Dancing the Wire~~

All the broken people,
more complete than I
can ever be;
all the caged,
the criminals--
how can they be so free?
Oh god,
the chains are heavy when
you forge them from
your sins,
when the locks
and leaden weights have come
from deep within.
My heart is
so heavy,
why can't I seem to stand . . .?

Take this knife,
walk the edge--
talk a run along
the ledge.
you should watch your step,
since you stoked
the fire--
life's a bitch
when you dance
the wire.

All these laughing people,
think they know me
deep inside;
all these freaks,
the living dead--
why do I seem much less alive?
Dear god,
it's just too hard to run
when your nerves are raw
and red,
when every feeling burns
although you know
you struck them dead.
My soul is
so broken,
why can't I seem to stand. . .?

Take this blade,
touch the edge--
leaning out over
the ledge.
Do you dare to fall,
since you stoked the fire?
Life's such a bitch
when you
dance the wire.

Day into night,
ice into fire--
damn my weak heart
as I trip on the wire--

All the perfect people,
they don't understand
the pain;
all the preps,
the prying press--
don't make me go again.
Oh God,
the pain is just so nice
when you empty it into
you vein,
when the dust sets in
and you simply smile
as it kills your tortured brain.
My mind is
so hazy,
why can't I seem to stand . . .?

Take this blade,
grip the edge;
take a leap out
from the ledge.
You're a fool to fall
if you've stoked the fire--
Isn't life a bitch
when you dance
the wire?

Tell yourself
you just can't feel,
force the words until
they're real--

Take this blade,
kiss the edge;
leave no trace
that ledge.
So you've set your soul
to burn in the fire--
the same as me,
when I dance
the wire.

~(c) 03-01The Mad Poet (A.K. LaBelle)