~~Fallen Angels Cry~~

You used to hold
my hand but now
you've let me go,
I still love you
so but now
it's all
fallen down;
we used to be together
now we're far apart,
you loaned me wings
to fly but now I
and I drown.
how was I to know
that things would be
this way,
and how am I to stop
the way I
I feel like I've
been losing you since
long before we met,
like maybe life before
you wasn't real--

Now looking back,
there were tears
in your eyes,
and I just couldn't see
when you fled
past the sky.
Oh I wish
that I'd known and
I'd held to your hand:
but who would think
that fallen angels

I know you're not
the monster that they say
you are,
I know you try to hide
your heart with
ice and
with stone;
I only want to try
to see like you do
for once,
I never wanted you
to be so lost
and alone.
I never thought that
I could feel this way
and how was I
to guess we weren't
just friends?
I wish I'd known
to speak my heart before
right now,
this heartbreak hurts
much more than if
I'd bend--

I think even then
that there were tears
on your face,
but I smiled and ignored--
they were too out
of place.
Now I'd sell out my
soul for a chance
just to try:
to tell you that I know
that even fallen angels

I called you friend
and told you that I
needed you,
but I don't think
that's quite the words
your heart
needed to hear;
I took your hand
and swore that I
believed in you,
but maybe you could
always feel
my courage
to fear.
what I wouldn't give
to have that chance
was I to know I'd
lose you so damn
Right now I wish that
I could hold your hand
and tell you true
how much you've always
meant to me.

It was never you I feared
when I cried out,
I think that I was more
afraid of me . . .

And I never quite saw
past the blood to
all your tears,
to the shame and
to the sorrow that you've
held for all these years.
Oh how many times
I've thought back to
those days,
the words that my voice
never dared let
me say. . .

I hate to see your tears
in all my
why must you always
spread you wings and
Oh why can't I
just catch you once and then wake
to find that you're still
here beside of me?

Your wings are black
and broken from
those burning tears,
but still they seem so very
pure to me--

I wish that I had wiped
those cold tears
from your eyes,
I wish that I had chased
you down when you
ran past the sky.
Oh I wish
I were as brave
as they all
think I am:
I who fears
when fallen angels

~~(c) 04/01 The Mad Poet (A.K. LaBelle)