Janice and Jo and Jean
One tall, one short, one lean
each dissatisfied
with their shape and their size
and wants something else that they have seen.

Janice decided that she was too tall
She thought that because she towered above all
she'd intimidate
any prospective date
Janice wished that like Jo she was small.

Jo was short with a large chest
she hated buying such big vests
she thought that all guys
would prefer smaller size
and thought lean like Jean would be best.

Jean thought that her size was wrong
She wanted to be far more long
When caught in a crowd
she could never see out
so her envy of Janice was strong.

Each one of these girls does possess
something that makes another jealous
but all they can see
is what is wrong with the
body they now have. What a mess.

Why are they unsatisfied?
Why the bodies in which they abide?
Peer pressure it seems
gives each of them dreams
of someone else being inside.

Wake up girls and realise
There's nowt wrong with your shape or size.
So what if the press
to an ideal profess.
Be yourself, let your self-esteem rise.