~~Chasing Perfection~~

Not another night goes by
that I don't see your face,
that I'm not haunted by
your burning eyes.
Not a single whisper,
but that I hear your voice;
but that I'm hounded by
my doubts,
uncertainties and lies.
I don't think that
I have a choice,
but is this really right?
Should I want you in
my arms
when you're dark and I
am light?

Oh I don't know--
I can't see,
you're all that's left
inside of me,
a strange disease and I
don't want a cure.
Your scorn,
that cold inflection,
is driving me insane--
a hero lost in love
with dark

Not a single dream have I
that you do not control,
that doesn't drive me to my knees
and offer you my soul.
No thought is a haven,
you're everywhere I turn;
a shadowed shade
of what I want,
the cut that makes me whole.
I shouldn't feel
this burn,
this can't be safe or right.
I'm not supposed to want
the evil
I'm supposed
to fight.

Oh I'm a fool--
I can't tell,
if you're heaven
or you're hell,
the devil's tempting voice and I
don't want to be redeemed.
An emotional
I don't want to go away--
I'm mad in love
with twisted dark

There's something pretty
in the dark,
it shines so sickly bright;
and when it cuts my hand to shreds
you'll make the pain
There's just something about you
that I cannot ignore--
I can't forget you deigned to call
me worthy once before.

There's no one that I speak with
I don't compare to you,
there's no one that could ever
near compare.
Not a single time I bleed,
I don't recall your name;
that I don't see
that hunger,
the frostbite in your stare.
This simply isn't
what's wrong is what
feels right.
A leader shouldn't feel
the need
to hold the twisted

Oh it's not fair--
this can't be,
you can't mean so
damn much to me,
that I would cast away
all else for you.
Your mocking
your special brand of pain--
I'm lost and longing for
your cruel

Oh I need it--
so much pain,
take my freedom once
just like now just make me
twist the knife.
Pardon my
you don't quite own the world--
but you're just so
damn close to pure

Dark and light
a flawless blend
of pale skin and deep eyes,
a challenge on
your smirking lips
I never could deny.
Your touch rends my morality,
you've severed my
I need the cold mortality
of chasing your

Screw the immorality,
the screaming pain
I'll sell my immortality
to chase you,
cruel perfection.

~(c)2001 The Mad Poet (A.K. LaBelle)