~~Keeping the Faith~~

I thought
the other day
I had it down--
and hope
was second nature,
heart's blood
and wind
beneath my wings.
But time
like a thread
in the storm;
one shot,
and my strength was
hope fell away
with the lie
at the bitter

It's hard to look
on the bright
side of night,
and it's hard to make
yourself smile;
It's hard to find out
that your idol
has sinned,
and it's hard to live
in denial.
It's hard to be strong
when you just
want to break,
it's hard to be real
when you feel
like a wraith--
the hardest part of hope
is keeping
the faith.

Now I know
the other day
I had it down--
I had thrown
my darkness away,
held the amber
sun to heal
my heart.
But too much medicine
can kill;
and love dissolves
when it wants
its thrill--
despair flooded back
where I swore
it would no more

It's hard to find
that you lost
who you loved,
and it's hard to see
they were strangers;
it's hard to find
you forgot
how to trust,
it's hard to see family
in danger.
It's hard to pick up
all the razor-edged
it's hard to pretend
you feel safe--
the hardest part of hope
is keeping
the faith.

What happened
to yesterday,
to believing in prayer . . .?

I want to turn
back time
just one more day--
to find a corner
I haven't cried in,
a place untainted
with grim despair.
But life
at the needle's
and a heart can only
so much--
wings crumble down
with the weight
of the angel's

It's hard to ignore
when it's shoved
in your face,
it's so hard to pretend
it's not there;
it's hard to deny
that the dream's
at an end,
and it's hard to say
you don't care.
It's hard to find out
that you've
fallen apart,
it's hard to get slapped
in the face--
the hardest part of hope
is keeping
the faith.

It's hard to pretend
that it's all
still okay,
it's hard to pretend
you'll survive;
It's hard to go on
when you yearn
to give up,
so hard to look life
in the eye.
It's hard to accept
that your fears are
the truth,
it's hard when your
dies away--
the hardest part of hope
is keeping
the faith.

I hate that part of hope. . .

I failed the soul of hope. . .

I just can't find that hope. . .

keeping the faith.

~(c)2/2001 The Mad Poet (A.K. LaBelle)