~Volunteer Puppet~

What a soul
but a burden,
what use
a heart
but to bleed?
You laugh and
I cry,
lost something I
shouldn't need.
Can't I please
take it back?
I am losing
my mind--
can we make a new
Can I just turn
back time?
Oh I beg,
I implore
you always
and I fall just to
break at
your feet.

What the past
but a memory,
what use
but to stain?
So I gave up
my self,
thought I traded
my pain.
Won't you please
I need just one
more try--
can the bargain be changed,
so my mind doesn't die?
Is your heart
made of stone?
I can't cry,
but I weep
you peacefully
and I try not to
lose what
I was.

What a mind
but my madness,
what my
but a chain?
So you took all
I was,
so you break
all I am.
Won't you open
your eyes?
You have made
me as you--
have I been so
Can you be
so cruel?
How I try,
and I try
you ever
so I pray with
the voice you
now own.

What am I
but a puppet,
what my
but your toy,
so I gave you
my agony,
and with it
my joy.
All my days now
so numbered
by the way you
so claim. . .

It all fell
to pieces,
when the puppeteer came.

~~(c)1995 The Mad Poet (A.K.LaBelle)