Chapter One

I realize writing this now that I've fallen for his utterly annoying voice as well as that famous ego of his. But it seems that when one human being genuinely cares for another, all those faults are overlooked and only the good attributes are to be seen. I had never thought I was one of those people to love someone so much that flaws are dismissed in the mind -- in fact, I've always thought I was too critical to fall in love.

He was really the only one that looked past my age and my credentials(or lack of) when he hired me. He took me in under his wing, for what reason? I still don't know. That was at a time when I was living off of instant noodle cups three meals a day. I was very much unemployed then. I suppose when someone reaches in to give you a helping hand when you most need it --- that gratitude translates into a kind of admiration for your savior.

But I never meant to admire him so much so that it becomes a sort of adoration.

That was what I told myself it was at first. Adoration, not love! I was convinced throughout every bone in my body that I didn't wish for there to be any intimacy, that I was just so thankful of everything he had done for me.

Jonah Benson. Only God knows how many times I've uttered his name secretly pretending that I was the one he loved.

I am a confidant woman, but when it comes to Jonah, and the complexities that surround his life, I am driven back in fear. He is a womanizer, that much is public knowledge. He is one of those remarkably handsome bachelors that could charm the pants off of any woman all the while giving a brilliantly inspiring toast at diplomatic dinners. And since he is son of our current President, it is hard for him to stay out of the press. Catching him in a provocative pose with any female celebrity is the wet-dream of any tabloid editor. To say that the White House press secretary have only had to dodge a couple of questions regarding Jonah's escapades would have been too much of an understatement.

Jonah Benson is royalty.

I am not. I know any relationship we'd have would only come to a sad end. And really, I didn't want to lose his friendship. I am too respectful of what we have now to ruin it because I developed feelings for him.

To me that would be the ultimate atrocity. To not be near him would be a fate worse than death. I'd rather stay like this … perfectly platonic.

I realize I'm getting way ahead of myself. Maybe a look back on how all this started wouldn't be such a bad idea …..



I wrote this three years ago, and the reason I couldn't continue it was because when I read back on it, the writing seems like something I'm not proud to call mine. Too much immaturity, grammar faults and character outlines that needed to be fixed. I've never found that time until now.

I'll be re-writing most of these chapters, keeping to the plot and the scenes that are already written, however, that's going to take awhile as well. So for now, I've re-written the first chapter and the first part of chapter two. Hope you enjoy. Please don't read beyond the second chapter until I redo the later chapters.