Yes, the fact is I am evil.

Thing is, my computer crashed about a few months back, and I lost a few chapters that I had written ahead,
so I got really frustrated with rewriting it. I'm trying to maintain my school grades above 95%
and its beginning to get harder and harder now, especially when I'm in International Barraculate classes.

Yes I'm evil.

:P I know I am.

BUT! Since you've all FURIOUSLY demanded I post new chapters, and since I know what it feels like to be so into
a story and to not be able to read the next chapter.... I WILL continue this story.

It's my baby, and it will continue... I promise to have the next chapter up within the next two weeks. So please
forgive me!!!

On another note, I lost my writing groove, the one where I have to write or else I feel like I'm dying kinda
thing. But happily, it has returned to me now. So I'm determind to finish this story with a vengence.