Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The dew kissed meadow drifted around me like a calm ocean. It was the time of day when night and day melded together into a serene limbo that only a few were awake to enjoy. I loved times like these where I could be totally alone with my thoughts and there was nothing that could bother me.

My grandmother had sent me to collect some wild herbs this morning. I was glad to do it but it troubled me that she was becoming to old and weak to come with me anymore. Even though I did enjoy the solitude it could get rather dull. I had started to really loathe the fact that I could not let anyone see me picking herbs. Some people might find it suspicious. In truth their suspicions would be correct, but with the witch's hammer being everything people could talk about these days it was best that my grandmother and I keep to ourselves. I guess it was lucky that no one really knew us. The cottage that we lived in was just inside the boundaries of a large forest to the north of the nearby kingdom, and was very well hidden. (A/N I couldn't think of a good name for the kingdom…… sorry) We also grew most of our food and only went to town once every few months.

When I was smaller I was happy with being kept away from other people. I mean who need's people when you have a whole forest full of animal's and wondrous creatures to play with! Now however, my frolics through the forest were becoming less and less pleasurable. I was beginning to really long for human contact. If it weren't for these dark times I would probably be able to visit the town more. O curse all that nonsense! I know with all my soul that it's not true! Witches have never ever been evil creatures. We have never done violent things to our neighbor because we held a grudge against them. No it is those Catholic's that have started this plague of darkness. Yes I know that there are many catholic people who are good and kind. My very own grandmother has told me stories of a time when witches were embraced as a part of the community. Even Kings and Queens sought them after for counsel and magic. My grandmother has told me of a time when witches were not feared but embraced and admired. But alas those times are gone. I fear that I may never live to see a time that is any better.

A snap of a twig snatched me out of my daydreams. My eyes jumped to the source of the sound. O goddess! A man sitting on a pure white steed was looking right at me. How long had he been watching me? Never mind that I must leave! I quickly picked up my basket and ran out of the meadow!

"Wait!" the man called.

I didn't dare look back. I was too afraid!

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