Darkness and light:
Shades of Gray

In the world we see things as Darkness and Light.
Black or white.
Now, violence is not necessary, if we talk and think things over we can
live in perfect harmony.
No. Violence hardens the people. It makes them better, stronger then they
were before.
But peace is productive, technology advances. You with your violence would
send us back to the Dark Ages.
You would let the people grow lax and lazy. In war we can grow mighty and
As you can see, they are so evenly matched that a weight of a pin could
sway the outcome. We also call them, yin and yang, good and evil. This is
how most people see the conflict. Straight lines, leading to good or evil.
But some times you do something for good and that is evil. For the lines
blur at a certain point and then you realize that you have to see in shades
of gray.