Title: (unknown, as of now)

Title: (unknown, as of now)

Author: Cremus

Rating: PG

E-mail: clr16_13@yahoo.com

Authors note: I am not done with this yet, I will have more soon. Comments are still welcome however.

Went to a party last week, went to a party last week. I was floating, dancing, and having a good time last week at that going-away party for Amy. Went into that monster of a house, full of kegs and people making out. A loud noise comes from the living room, it's party-time-Pete with his music a pumpin'. My ears begin to ring I scream "turn it down"! But only get drowned out by the bass and people talking. For a moment, I wish I were back at home, safe in my room. I glance of in the corner, a girl is half-naked, with the captain of the football team devouring her on the spot. Not a site I was wanting to see. I realize: this is no place for me. So I eventually make my way to the front door, climbing over kegs, and splitting couples apart who were satisfying each other. I began to turn the handle, when someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was my all time crush, Jim Mooney; he was the cutest guy I ever saw in my entire life. He said, "where you going, stay awhile". My grip on the doorway to freedom, eased up as I stared into his hazel eyes. He was so cute; I wasn't going to pass up this moment, for anything! Well, we started dancing and talking, and I've found out a lot about him that glorious, magical night. About an hour into the party, Jim asked me if I wanted some punch, I said sure, and he went to get some. Not thinking twice about it, I anxiously awaited my prince to come back………… (more soon, tell me what you think of this part)*****