Courage's Lament (Heroes)

We took the field.
Is that all that matters?
The statistic that we shattered the shield.
Who cares how it was done?

We exhausted our ammo,
They fell like we had once.
They all just lined up in a row,
And charged hoping to overrun.

Our bayonets were useful,
One officer of them stayed on mine,
Still there to grip and pull.
But he did slide off eventually.

Do not hate me for the details,
I can recall it so easily.
And this final hill awaits us,
I bet they're bouncing at home with glee.

We've won the war,
But lost our souls.
We fought to the core,
But no way to recover them.

Fine, let us be heroes for our actions this day.
Let violence and atrocities against brethren be justified.
Let men buy us drinks and speak our names for the way we took our enraged time bathing in their blood.
We shouldn't worry, because we are heroes. And heroes can do no wrong.
Isn't that right?