The End of Sorrow by Dead Flower/Poi

She waits, uncertain.
Paranoia makes it's way through her.
Breathing becomes labored as the first sob arises.
Vision blurred, she doesn't notice him walking towards her.
She buries her head in her hands and cries like there's no tomorrow.

He stares at his reflection in the car mirror.
Afraid, but he doesn't know of what.
Clenching his fists, he starts to walk towards her.
He stops and stares when he sees her shaking.
Swallowing, he continues the longest walk of his life.

Her cheeks are wet with tears, but her eyes are dry.
She pushes her hair out of her face and looks up.
A thousand thoughts race through her mind.
She stands up, dizzy with excitement.
Willing herself to move, she walks towards him.

He notices the sparkle in her eyes and the shine on her cheeks.
Pushing it out of his mind, he stands in front of her.
He stares at a place to the left of her ear and says "hello".
He barely hears her when she whispers his name.
He looks down at her and...

Note: Ooh, is it a masterpiece? Well. You'll have to make up your own ending. That's as far as this poem is going. For now, anyway. My music: What's Left For Me by Days of the New.