Woman Through the Windshield

I see you seeing me

Through glass on the street

As I pass by

I ask why,

Sadness in your eye sings

I think I once knew you

Are you akin to Amaratsu

Did you give birth to sons

Who by the power of the sun

Rule you like kings?

Dry your eyes, as you pull away

And on the sidewalk I will stay

It is the car you wield

Woman through the Windshield

That causes fear to ring


In the land of Sound and light

I have come upon an undeniable fact

It is not the denial that causes pain

But the speed it is traveling upon Impact

Philosophy with me

Is what we think of we?

Substitutes for

Broken Heart

Crushed, Shattered

Burned, Battered,

Incinerated, Used

Vaporized, Abused

Cleaved, Maddened

Disassembled, Saddened

Split, Torn

Abolished, Worn

Obliterated, Frozen

Hardened, Un-Chosen

Stabbed, Sliced

Drowned, Diced

Ripped Asunder

Crushed Under


Burnt, Squeezed

Taken, Seized

Scattered, Frayed

Torched, Played

Never Only

Always Lonely


Sitting here in

The Stars Cold Glow

Watching the darkness

Ebb and Flow

A great beast emerged

Like the coming of Storm

And you run with them

To where it's safe and warm

Lightening flashes in a

Deep Cloudless Sky

As pegasus Teaches

You how to fly

I'd love you to teach

Me to ride

I'd like you to tell me

That I don't have to hide

As hooves drive in

With you ridin' in tow

Your strong and elegant,

As a plain bound doe

As couples embrace

Seeking to be freed

I can't stop loving

You on your Thundersteed

As the Stars continue

Their eternal Dance

Storm Horse Rush in

With Valkyrie and lance

Like Diane, being both

Beauty and Bold

Your presence banishes night,

And turns warm the cold

And upon the Backdrop

Of tall black trees

I sense the rush of Cyclone

And find a moment to seize

As the beasts come to a halt

And in your eyes I read

That the stars have delivered you

You and your Thundersteed


Friendship, Passion, Kinship, Lust

All require an amount of Trust

Yet all will swiftly turn to Dust

When the Love at the core starts to rust.

As I lay upon the Floor

As I lay upon the floor

And Thunderclaps sound next door

I smell the odor of blood and tears

And am unable to move for the cold fear

That seeps into me like a stain

Beside a friend of mine that has been slain

This classroom is my new hell

For here is where we all fell

As a child, a mother's son

Walked in, carrying a smile and a gun

As I struggle to see why such a sin

Could be performed by a boy with a grin

And the teacher weeps at the front, unable to aid

Those who bleed because she is afraid

Afraid of a child who was consumed with rage

Who saw every day as if it were a locked cage

We treated those who are not the same

Like they aren't worth the air they claim

Blood puddles the very floor as I cry

Because I don't want to live yet I don't want to die

I move to stand and fly

And a dull thud hits the floor as I try

As a girl passes out beside me with a lack of blood

I close my eyes and try to stop the horror, the flood

The police are outside the classroom door

As I lay upon the floor

I cannot figure out whom to blame

Who will receive the media's fame?

Will it be bullies? Parents? Teachers at least?

Lack of Gun Control? Golding's Beast?

I do not seem to really think or care

As the pain in my leg becomes too much to bear

The Angel of Death in the body of a teen

Has taken from me what is left to be seen

I question what the purpose of this death could be

But this no longer matters to me

By: Shane Fallowfield

*Dedicated to the victims, parents and gunmen of the recent school shootings

…This must stop

Lone Piano Piece

What is this feeling inside

When media takes you for a ride

Earth keep on turning,

As long as emotions continue churning

To produce a new result every time

When 8 year-olds follow a simple chime

A lone piano piece I offer to play in Vancouver

But I doubt it will impress you, sir


Exposing what lies behind closed doors

What lies in closets and between floors

A beaten boy stands against the wall

Brracing himself before the fall

He is a man masquerading as a child

With people who have yet to be reconciled

The father wades into the room

Hate enough to stop a flowers bloom

Heavy Handed with a leather belt

Before his dark altar he has knelt

He is a child masquerading as a man

Drunk, and less aware as I ran.


We march along that trail

Among spirits of the storm

They warn us of hail

And we were in perfect form

The lightening made itself known

The clouds began to throw stone

I followed her into the unknown

But would not place her on a throne

She said "Why do you love?"

With lips of black ice

As the rocks fall from above

I took her hand and rolled the dice

An echo comes as the sky clears

And demons move through me

The rain stops, as if old tears

Of an ancient and painful memory

She leaves me with the hail

Returning to old loves

I know what it is to fail

And now temptation has now seen hers

Sing with Me

I ask you now to sing with me

And let what we are simply be

I'll sing with you if you let me try

For in your heart my energies lie

I won't say I can teach you to fly

For, with you on earth, why would I

I beg of you now, sing with me

My timeless, beautiful Valkyrie

I offer little, for there is little I can do

I have no riches or beauty to give to you

All I have is in my smile, and it is true

That I do have worlds only for you

Sing with me, show me your voice

But I cannot force you, it must be your choice

I only hope your voice will drown out mine

But our souls shall be what intertwine

And that on mountains of mythical mind

Your smile shall be what through clouds shine

You sang with me, and faith came through

And our world will now be offered to you