The Chosen

Nikki brushed her blond hair haphazardly off her face and stood up. She walked
over to her patio window and looked out over the horizon. Her 17th floor apartment
provided an excellent view of the surrounding city. She watched as two police cars
zoomed down the road below her. The sirens echoed up until they reached her ears, and
the blue and red lights lit up her living room. She sighed and walked across to her coffee
table and picked up the 9 mm. This time she was going to follow through with it. Life had
no purpose for her. She took a deep breath and pointed the gun to the side of her head.
Her finger curled around the trigger. Suddenly her door slammed open and a
young man ran in. Nikki stared wide-eyed at the intruder and then almost instinctively
pointed the gun at the man.
"Woh SHIT!" the man exclaimed when he saw the gun. "Okay listen, I don't
know what is going on, but I am being framed by the cops, they think I robbed the bank
down the street." He turned around as he heard the shouts from the cops, then he turned
back to Nikki, "PLEASE, you have to hide me he pleaded"
Nikki looked at the man and considered kicking him out, but when she thought
about what the cops would think if they saw her talking to him, she dropped the gun and
let him in.
She led him into her room and opened her closet. "In here," she said. She heard a
knock at her door. "SSSH" she closed the closet do and went to the door. She pulled the
door open. There was a burly cop at the door.
"Sorry to bother you this late ma'am, but there has been a robbery at the VanCity
bank down the road. The suspect entered this building and we have been advised to look
in all of the apartments. May I come in?"
"Of course officer" she said, opening the door for him to enter. "OH SHIT!" she
thought, "The gun." She walked slowly over to the table where she had laid it when she
had led the man to the closet. She picked it up when the cop had his back turned and
quickly shoved it into her dressing-gown pocket, and put on a fake grin when the officer
turned back to face her. "I haven't had anyone come in all night officer, and I haven't
heard anything down the halls, but you are welcome to look some more."
The cop looked around the room and then at Nikki. "It's alright, again, sorry to
bother you this late. If you hear anything, please give us a call."
Nikki nodded then walked the officer to the door. "Good night, I hope you find
him." She closed the door behind him then leaned against it shutting her eyes. She sighed
and opened then again and walked over to her room and opened the closet where the
fugitive was hiding. "You can come out now. The cop is gone."
The young man stepped out of the closet and walked with Nikki back into the
living room. "Thank you so much." He said, "I guess I should tell you who I am, and why
the cops are after me."
"Yah, that might be a good idea." Nikki replied
"Well, my name is Kyto."
"Kyto?! What kind of name is that?" she interrupted
Kyto blushed. "Oh sorry." She said "Continue"
"Well, I guess I should start from the beginning. I used to work for a corporation
that would hunt down rare pieces of art, repair them and then sell them. One day I over
heard my boss talking to another art dealer. Now this may seem really weird but they
were talking about dooms day. I heard my boss saying that Lucifer was getting impatient
and that there would be consequences if they didn't get more people over to the dark side.
He said that they needed to have a big enough army when Lucifer took over. Anyhow,
they saw me listening in on their conversation and have been trying to kill me. I have had
people attack me in the subway, I have had burglars try and kill me, and now the cops are
after me. I don't know who I can trust any more."
Nikki was stunned. This man, who had charged into her house at 1:30 in the
morning with cops after him was now telling her that his boss is working for Satan, and
that hell is going to take over.
"Okay I don't know what the hell is wrong with you but what ever you're tripped
out on I seriously think you should quit."
Kyto was getting frustrated, "I'm serious!" he insisted.
"Okay, now I think it is time to for you leave." Said Nikki. She got up and went to
the door. Get out now, before I call the cops back here and have you arrested."
Kyto looked at her discouraged. "Here's my number if you change your mind."
He said picking up a piece of paper and scribbling a number with a pen he had pulled out
of his pocket. He went out the door and Nikki walked him walk down the hall. She
sighed and closed the door. Another attempt ruined. She went to a small dresser in the
corner of her room and took the gun out of her pocket and put it in the back of the drawer
and pushed it shut. She walked into her bedroom and changed into her p-j's. Nikki lay on
her bed thinking about what happened. Why did all her suicide attempts end up not
working. Every time something interrupted her. She rolled over and closed her eyes and
soon was fast asleep.

~ Dream Sequence ~
She walked down the abandoned street. Newspaper and leaves blew through
caught on the small gusts of wind. She heard a piercing scream and looked up. She saw
three demons flying above her. Their ribs poked out from their brown skin and their
wings were just a transparent skin stretched over bones. They had no eyes just hollows in
their head. When they screamed it send shivers up Nikki's back. It sounded like a
wounded animal that was being tortured. She rapped her coat around her and kept on
walking. Where was everybody? Why were there no people in the city? She spotted
someone ahead of her. It was a young man walking toward her. He was limping and
stumbling and was obviously hurt. She ran toward him. "Are you okay?" she asked
frantically. The man looked up. "Nikki?" he mumbled
"How do you know me?" she questioned him.
"Nikki, its me, Kyto." He replied.
She stared in horror. His arm had been ripped off and the socket was oozing pus
and blood. His legs and arms had deep gashes all over, which were bleeding as well. His
dirty shirt was covered in dirt and dried blood. His left leg was bruised and was swelling
rapidly. Nikki guessed it was fractured. "What happened?" she asked.
"I needed you Nikki, but you didn't believe me. I went to go fight him. They
attacked me. I was cornered. I needed you Nikki. They attacked all of them, swarming
around me. Cutting me with their claws. They ripped off my arm Nikki!" he said,
obviously upset and traumatized from what had happened. He looked up. "Get down!" he
screamed and threw himself on Nikki, knocking her down on the pavement. One of the
demons had swooped down. It dug its claws into Kyto's back. Kyto screamed in agony as
he was pulled off Nikki into to air. The demon carried Kyto over to the others where they
scream in delight. "Kyto!" she screamed as the others started to dig their claws into
Kyto's body. He was screaming in pain as they ripped at his flesh. His screams were cut
short as one of the demons dug their claws into his neck, and ripped his throat out. Nikki
watched from below, powerless to do anything. Tears were streaming down her face as
she watched the horrific scene. She watched and the blood-covered demons carried the
lifeless body away.
~ End Dream Sequence ~

Nikki woke with a start. "It was just a dream" she told herself. "It was a dream,
devils are not taking over the earth. Kyto was just some crazy tripped out guy that was
thinking the Apocalypse was coming." She shivered and wrapped her blanket around her
and lay awake starting at the ceiling, to scared to go back to sleep.
Nikki got out of bed at seven and made herself some coffee. She had a
psychiatrist appointment at eight. The police had suggested it after they found her after
one of her suicide attempts. She had been having regular appointments, but they had no
affect on her.
She got dressed and was out of the house within half an hour. She pulled her long
black jacket closer around her. She shivered remembering her horrific dream. She walked
down the city streets of New York. People were walking on their way to work and small
stores were starting to open. She walked past a park that was filled with pidgins. A little
old lady was sitting on the bench with a bag of breadcrumbs tossing them to the birds.
Nikki walked past a huge old church. As a child and a young adult she had never
found the time to go to church and the whole idea of a man in the sky looking down on
her was a little unconvincing.
She reached her psychiatrist's office and pushed open the tinted glass doors. It
was a lobby with a couple of chairs and a try with magazines. The secretary looked at
Nikki and smiled. "Good morning" she said, "Do you have an appointment?"
"Um.. Yes, Nikki, Nikki Parada." She replied.
"Thank you, doctor Viga will see you in a moment. Have a seat."
Nikki walked over to the chairs and sat down. She picked up a magazine and
started flipping to the pages. One picture caught her eye. It was a woman posing for a
skin softener commercial. Nikki watched it. As she was watching she saw the skin on the
model start to peel back exposing the red tissue underneath. Her eyes started to sink back
into her head and her face became all wrinkly, her lips pulling back exposing rotten
fangs. Nikki gasped in horror and dropped the magazine and jumped up in disgust.
"Are you alright?" asked the secretary when she heard Nikki gasp.
"Yah. I'm alright." She replied.
Nikki's doctor came into the lobby. "Good morning Nikki. How are you today."
Nikki looked at her doctor, then around the room. "I'm fine thanks." She said.
Her doctor led her into down a narrow hall and into a small room. There was a
couch on one side. "Go have a seat Nikki." Said the doctor. It was a small room with
large window. That looked out into the street. Nikki saw the old woman still sitting on the
bench feeding the pidgins.
She took a seat on the couch and her doctor followed her and sat down in a small
chair opposite her.
"So Nikki, how have you been feeling lately? Is the medication been working for
you." The doctor questioned.
"I've been feeling better. These counseling have been making a big
improvement." She lied, "And the medication is working fine." She remembered the pills
she had flushed down the toilet the night she got them.
"So tell me, how has the last week been for you?"
"Well, I have been getting out more, going for walks and reading more books on
self happiness." She said, she did not feel any remorse from lying openly to her
psychiatrist. What was she going to do anyway?
"Have you considered anything in the way of religion?" asked the doctor, " You
should consider this group. I regularly visit their meetings. It is very motivating." She
passed Nikki a card from her pocket.
Nikki took the card and looked at it. "Guide for the wanderers. Saturday evening
at 8."
"You should really consider it." She said,
Nikki looked up. The doctors face had curled up like the models in the magazine
and her lips curled back to expose long fangs. Her blond hair had become dirty and
matted, plastered with dirty and grime. Her eyes had sunk back into her head and two
trickles of blood oozed from the corner.
Nikki jumped up and ran out of the room. She ran down the hall and into the
lobby, the secretary was waiting. " What's wrong Nikki?" her face had curled up two and
her body was twisted and gnarled and the bottom half of her leg was missing. Nikki ran
out the door and into the street. Everywhere she looked people's bodies and faces had
become distorted and were oozing blood and missing limbs. The old woman in the park
across the road had pidgins swarming over her, pecking at her body. Her face was
covered in blood from where the birds had picked her eyes.
Nikki ran home as fast as she could. Running away from all the horror and
carnage. When she got home she ran to the phone and picked up the piece of paper where
Kyto had scribbled his number. She picked up the receiver and punched in the numbers.
"Hello?" replied the voice on the other end.
"Kyto?!" she said panicking "What have you done to me?! I see people, they're
all distorted! And demons! Make them go away!"
"Are you ready to help me Nikki?"