Chapter 2.

"Anything, just make them go away!" Nikki said frantically
"Okay, come to my house. 287 Melita place, come as fast as you can, there is a lot
of work to do."
"Fine." Nikki hung up the receiver. She took her hat and pulled it down over her
face as if to shield herself from the people outside. She walked down the hall of her
apartment to the elevator. The doors opened and Nikki stepped inside. The next floor
down another woman stepped in. Nikki recognized her as the woman feeding the pidgins
in the park. Nikki stared in amazement. She had no cuts on her body, and looked
perfectly healthy.
"Wonderful day isn't it sweetheart." Said the woman, "6th floor please."
"Yes, Yes it is beautiful out there." Nikki stammered as she pressed the 6th floor
button. They stood in silence until the elevator stopped and the doors slid open.
"Well, have a nice day sweetheart, nice meeting you!" said the old woman. When
Nikki looked up, the woman had cuts all over her body again and was oozing blood out
of her eyes. She hissed and the fangs that had grown almost instantly in her mouth were
dripping blood. The doors slid closed and Nikki lay up against the wall breathing heavily.
She ran through the lobby and out the door. Everyone was just walking around normally,
no cuts or gashes, or missing limbs.
Nikki walked cautiously down the street. She walked for a few minutes until she
reached Melita place. It was a small worn down apartment that was in desperate need of
repair. She pushed open the doors and went to the elevator. She went to the second floor,
and walked down the halls until she reached 287. Nikki took a deep breath and knocked.
The door opened a crack and Nikki saw Kyto poking his head out.
"Come in." he said quietly. "Did you tell anyone where you were going?"
"I had no one to tell Kyto." Said Nikki
"Good. Now I want you to tell me everything you saw."
Nikki started telling Kyto everything about her dream and about the psychiatrist
and the people in the street. "I hope you know that the only reason I am hear is because I
am trying to stop myself from seeing those," she paused, "Those things."
"I understand that Nikki. Do you by any chance still have that card your
psychiatrist gave you?" he asked
"Yes." She reached into her pocket and pulled out the card. "Here." She passed it
to him. His eyes scanned over, reading what it said, and he traced his fingers over the
embossed letters.
"Okay. I guess I should tell you my plan if we are going to be partners." Said
Kyto, "We are going to work out of my apartment."
"What about mine?" Nikki interrupted, " I mean, mine is on the 17th floor, we
have a better view, and if you don't mind me saying, mine is in a bit better shape."
Kyto considered it for a moment. "Okay, we will work out of your apartment. We
are going to need a lot of supplies so I suggest we get to work as soon as possible. Lets
head over to your place now."
"But that means going outside again. Heh heh, I'm not going outside again." Said
Nikki sternly.
"Do you want to get this over with or not?" said Kyto, heading out the door
Nikki got up and followed. "Fine, let's go."
Nikki got up a followed Kyto. They went down to the lobby, and out into the
street. Nikki looked around all the people seem oblivious to what Nikki and Kyto new.
She walked down the street and as she passed the road leading to her psychiatrist's office,
she remembered the image of Doctor Viga, and her secretary. She shuddered and ran to
walk beside Kyto.
"What's wrong? Do you see anything?" he asked
"No, it's just, uh never mind." Said Nikki
Kyto looked at Nikki. He decided not to say anything for fear of upsetting her and
changing her mind about helping him. He needed all the help he could get.
They headed straight up to Nikki's suit when they reached her apartment.
"Do you have any paper? And a pen too please." Asked Kyto. Nikki brought him
a pen and some paper and sat down across from him at the table.
"Okay, we are going to need a lot of supplies."
"Supplies for what?" asked Nikki
"I was planning on watching some places before we take action to try and stop
this. I was thinking we should put surveillance cameras in your psychiatrist's office, as
well as my work office. As well as bug the rooms as well to see if we can hear anything."
Said Kyto
"And how exactly are we planning on doing that?" she asked
"We're going to break in. And while we're at it, we might as well have a look
"Break in? Are you out of your mind!?"
"Okay, think about it, I'm already wanted by the cops, so my theory is that I'm
already breaking the law by running from them, breaking it some more wont do any
"Well that's fine for you but what about me?" asked Nikki
"Well you're breaking the law too. You hid me, you lied to the cops, and you are
my accomplice if we do get arrested for this." He said smirking slightly
"Uh, fine. Where are you planning on getting the supplies then."
"I know a good place down the street a ways, they have the stuff and don't ask
"Okay, you go right ahead and do that, I'm going to have a shower." Said Nikki
standing up and heading to the washroom.
"Um, Nikki, I'm a little tight on cash at the moment, do you think I could maybe,
borrow some?"
She turned back to him. This was unbelievable. First he tells her that the
apocalypse is coming, now he wants to borrow money. "How much do you need?" she
Kyto sensed the irritation in her voice and said, "Maybe around five-hundred,
don't worry, I'll pay you back when this is all over. Trust me."
She shook her head and pulled her wallet out of her pocket and tossed him her
bankcard. She turned around and walked into the bathroom and shut the door, ignoring
Kyto's thanks.
She stood in the bathroom until she heard the door close. She sighed and started to
undress. She turned on the taps and then stepped into the shower.
The hot water felt good on her back. She suddenly realized how tired she was.
She had only gotten about four hours of sleep the night before because of the horrible
dream. She finished the shower and toweled off. She wrapped the towel around her and
walked to her room. She pulled on some gray sweatpants and a tank top.
Nikki grabbed her brush and stood in front of her mirror. She brushed her wet
blond hair and dried it off with the towel. She decided against putting on any makeup, so
grabbed her book and went back into the living room. She sat down on the couch and
started to read. Her eyes started to feel heavy so she put the book down on a small table
and rolled over. She closed her eyes and was soon asleep.
Kyto came in about an hour later. He was caring two duffel bags full of loot he
had bought at the store. He noticed Nikki asleep on the couch so moved into the kitchen
to unpack everything. He took out a list from his pocket and checked things off as he
pulled them out of the bag.
There were four mini cameras, eight sound receptors, ear-pieces, some small tools
for opening locks, gloves, and many other things, which he checked off as they came out
of the bag.
"Did you get everything you needed?"
Kyto spun around, seeing Nikki standing behind him "Oh, Sorry, I didn't mean to
wake you. Yes I did, do you want to see?"
"Sure." She walked over and knelt beside all the equipment.
Kyto pointed to the cameras. "These are for the two offices, two each, oh and I'm
going to need you to draw out a plan of the psychiatrists office for me. These are sound
receptors; we will set them in the offices too. 4 each, I was thinking of bugging the
phones too." He passed Nikki an ear-piece and a small microphone. "These will enable us
to communicate when we are in the buildings. You should where these glove when you
go in, so you don't get fingerprints on anything. Do you have a body suit or anything like
that, possibly in black? I didn't know what size you were."
"I think I have something that might work. I don't know if I still fits though, I
haven't worn it for about a year." She walked into her room and went to her closet. She
pulled the black leather pants and a tight black tank-top with jacket out of the back. She
looked at it. She had worn it to a party a year ago and had not touched it since. She took
off her pants and shirt and pulled on the outfit. It still fit fine. She walked over to her
mirror. She smiled slightly at her reflection. "Not bad, not bad at all." She thought to
She walked out into the living room. Kyto was stunned for a moment. "DAMN!"
he thought.
"So?" she asked
"That will be good. Now, see if you can draw out that map of the building. We
have lots of work to do. We go tonight."