What else is New

What else is New?

People Die, as Large nations fall,

While Greed loves nothing at all,

What once were lies are now considered true

Tell me good sir, what else is new?

It leaves armies of children starving,

While obesity's issue is growing,

A few miles away

Due to political sway

And riots fill the streets

With the sound of running feet

Rage overwhelming the problem at hand

With the bounding beat of a "rebel" rock band

Here we are, the human stew

Mixing in the flavors of me and you

With more deceit that can now be called true

Wake up stupid, what else is new?

Within Me

If we have a quiet time

In the depth of a roaring crowd,

What makes more reason and rhyme?

Us is our silence, or them in their loud?

True Love

If one feels compelled, and pushed one way,

And you fall from your true love and become astray,

If another's problems capture your life,

And temptation takes you with its knife

How do you find your way back above?

Over the fray, with your true love?

You treat her like Nefitiri

And yearn that she can truly see

You in your perfect self

So you can place all others on a shelf

You must make her your universe

And place your heart beneath hers

Let temptation fall away

Never again to lead you astray

Empty Hall

In an empty hall, I can hear the call

Of the silence that makes men blind

In an empty hall, I can trawl

For the deepest corners of my mind

In an empty hall, I can fall

From Grace without ability to rise

In an empty hall, I am all

Both Deus and Lord of the Flies.