It is now October 14, 2003 and little Shelby is just about to turn 2. Shelby is living with her elderly Grandma, who has been taking care of her since she was only a month old.

"Gama, cookie pwease," muttered Shelby pointing at rack of freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies.

"No, no, cookie still to hot for Shelby," replied her grandmother.

"Too hot?" repeated Shelby in bewilderment.


"Otay, Gama." Usually she would get anything she wanted right away. She surprisingly didn't cry or scream when she didn't get what she wanted right away as most toddlers do, she would just go and play with her tea set or ball and ask continuously every few minutes. She was a blessing in her grandmother's eyes.

A few hours later…

"Shelby, nighty-nite time," said her grandmother.

"Otay, Gama," replied Shelby running straight for her grandmother.

"Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. I wish for Shelby to get a good nights sleep and dream of angels and presents, because tomorrow Shelby will be 2." Said her grandmother tucking Shelby into bed, and gently tickling her sides.

"Nite Gama, kiss," said Shelby reaching out for her grandmother's face. Her grandmother gently bent down and kissed Shelby, turned out the light and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

The next day

It was about 9:30 in the morning and Shelby was still fast asleep. Her grandmother though, was not. She was in the kitchen putting the last section of icing on Shelby's cake. She had planned a surprise party for Shelby, the only guests were the two of them. It was unusual for a girl to be having a birthday party with only two guests, in a part of town where there were tons of children.

Shelby's grandmother gently opened the door to Shelby's room until the light of the hallway was shining upon her small round face. She then gently woke Shelby from her deep sleep and brought her out into the kitchen and…

"Surprise! Happy Birthday Shelby!" Her grandmother said with an exciting voice. Shelby's eyes just lit up with her very own excitement. Shelby and her grandmother ate cake and sang songs for about three hours straight! Then it was time to open her presents, and boy did she want to do that! After she opened all of her gifts, she sat with them all around and looked for more.

"More Gama?," she asked.

"Yes. One more," said her grandmother pulling out of her garage a large black box, and a funny noise coming from it. As Shelby ripped off the paper, out sprang a small golden retriever puppy.

"A dog-dog!!" Shelby said with excitement. She ran over to it and wrapped her little arms around it and hugged it until the dog shook her off. The other presents didn't matter, only the puppy mattered. The rest of the day was spent clinging to the small puppy and getting quite a few slobber baths. What a day.