~~Perfect Love~~

I can't walk alone anymore,
the winds of time
shred my wings around me--
I should have gotten used
to hurting myself,
I should have gotten used
to crying alone.
My shattered
please hold
my weeping
heart. . .

It seems everything must
keep changing
when only flawed perfect love
wishes for silence--
my tears break
against my own uncaring hands,
my tears burn
like glass and fire on my skin.
Hold my heart,
catch those
broken tears;
my heart collapses
into dust and dreams.

A perfect love,
an endless dream--
only the overflowing blood
of my memories
fills passionate time
with pain.
Tell me why,
tell me truthful--
why is my heart dark,
when you go away. . .?

Until you pass with the
until my tears come again--
a perfect love,
an endless dream
of you by my side
in the dawn,
to hold my heart. . .

Oh stay with me,
please stay with me--
if only to the end
of this endless night;
if only to be like nothing,
I have only this nothing to lose,
excepting you.
A perfect love,
an endless dream--
stay by my side,
until lonely dawn
to hold my trembling heart.
Won't you stay with me,
until the wind passes away--
more than anyone
I want you with me;
such perfect love,
this endless dream. . .

I can't walk any further
than this;
tell me why,
tell me truthful
the meaning behind
this perfect love,
the endless dream
in the midst of savage tears--
until that shining,
that trembling season becomes
eternity. . .
as endless dreams,
perfect love.

~~~(c)4/14/01 The Mad Poet (A.K. LaBelle)