A Writer's Life

By Carter Q Tachikawa

(A new poem by yours truly. I guess most of us who plan to be writers know how hard it is to be the writer fans want. Here we go.)

A writer's life is a lonely life
We walk alone down the roads marked with signs
Signs marking exits, rest stops, the next town only 35 miles away
The exits take us to the ideas swimming in our heads
Rest stops are there when we are stuck and don't know where to go
Those towns are the final products
To some, they may be beautiful to visit. Others might believe otherwise.

A writer's life is a dangerous life
We meet new people, visit places, create dangerous situations
We make characters love, hate, steal, lie, and murder
We might end up killing many characters or burning down towns
We sit by ourselves, going on these perilous journeys
And somehow we all make it back

A writer's life is a difficult life
We have to please the general audience
We have work hard, day and night, to perfect our craft
Maybe the story's for children, maybe for young adults
Nevertheless, we have to meet the criteria
Sometimes we are criticized for being the writers we are
Other times we're praised and some of us are insulted
These are the words that make or break us

A writer's life is a fruitful life
We make new friends and see things no one sees
We escape from the harsh reality we call 'life'
No matter how short the story is
The world we created was our own
A world we share with those who read the stories
And they send back the praises and adoration we've longed to hear.