And though the happiness longs to escape,
I keep it locked within myself,
Saving it for when I will need it.
But it is all in vain,
For I can't store my feeling for later,
So i just let the happiness die,
Like a bird locked in a cage
Without any light.
And I myself am in a cage,
Locked away from the world,
Because that is where I choose to be.
Though a silvery song slips from
My mouth,
I know I will never be whole.
My life is so worthless,
There is nothing I can ever do
to be of worth.
And in my cage,
I see the light
So far away,
So far out of my aching grasp.
And tears of silver float down my face,
Then envelop the pain,
Locking it away for later.
I watch
As my happiness chokes and dies,
Withering underneath my glare.