Chapter 2! this one's a little bit longer- just to warn you. Hope you like it!

..:: Elemental Fighters::..

*Chapter 2*

"Ooohh… that boy was so fine! And THEN we had to leave… yeah… it always has to end like this…" Toralin grumbled as she, Korishina, and Ryoshi were led into a dark, rectangle room with about twenty or so empty chairs and this big chubby guy in a black suit.

"Why is there a fat guy in there? What, is he gonna sit on us and make us as flat as pancakes? I didn't leave school for this!" Ryoshi complained as he noticed the guy in the head chair. Well, he was fat ya know… anyways…

"Sit. And don't say anything unless you are spoken to and are expected to answer. Is that clear?" The agent took the 'yes sir' responses from Tsumari, Toralin and Korishina, but was impatiently waiting for the answer from Ryoshi. Ryoshi seemed to be thinking whether the fat guy was really going to sit on him now, or later. "I SAID IS THAT CLEAR?" He yelled into Ryoshi's ear.

"Whoa! YES SIR!" The look on Ryoshi's face resembled someone who had just seen a ghost. "Geez! What a guy can't do to just think for a moment and not get blown over by some restless agent!" He practically yelled as the agent left the room.

"Shh! The big guy looks mad…" Toralin said as Korishina covered Ryoshi's mouth with her hand.

"Wmmph…" Ryoshi grumbled under the fierce but gentle hand of Korishina.

The chubby guy's facial expression changed from a slightly fed up look to his previous stern look as some more agents came in with more confused looking teenagers.

"What do you think this is all about?" Toralin asked Korishina quietly as the new visitors took their seats.

"I dunno, but I think we're about to find out…" Korishina mouthed silently as she slowly took her hand off of Ryoshi's mouth.

"Welcome all of you! I am the Chief of the second Los Angeles Police Department and you are all here on a very important mission. You will all become undercover agents for FBI-LAPD2 and will be sent out in Units to patrol the streets of LA." The Chief, apparently the fat chubby guy, spoke powerfully and loud so everyone could hear him clearly. A low rumble of noise could be heard due to the fact that everybody was surprised at what was to become of them.

"This is what we were pulled out of school from? I like it…" Ryoshi started thinking of the endless possibilities that this job gave him.

Korishina scolded him. "You have to listen or else you won't be able to take the job!"

The Chief cleared his throat, which silenced everyone. "As I was saying, each of you will be placed into a group of two or more and then will be labeled as a specified Unit. After months of training and discipline, then I will assign each Unit to a part of LA. From there you will live normal lives and continue on as if nothing has happened. But, you will be watching closely for anything that comes up. That is all I am going to say to you for now. I will discuss this matter more thoroughly when the time comes. As for now, listen to what the agents tell you to do and follow their instructions. I will see you all later at the Unit conference. It was nice meeting you all." Then he got up and left the room just as a dozen agents came through.

"Was it just me, or did the room shake when he was walking out? Ouch! I was only joking… Ow- not so hard…" Ryoshi got elbowed twice from both sisters and a sigh from Tsumari as he ran through his remark.

"I will call the names of Unit One. When your name is called, please stand and wait until I have finished. Once I am done one of the agents behind me will take you. Follow what they say. Unit One includes the following: Xu Nishida, Rinnai Ishizuka, Tsumari Takenami, and Nikaeida Yano." Another agent standing behind the 'head' one took the four standing people and left. "Unit Two. Toralin Shigami, Ryoshi Gokura, Korishina Shigami. Unit Three-"

The three of them were led into another rectangle room with a lot of different 'gadgets and doohickeys' as Ryoshi had called them. Here they were directed to sit down.

"I am agent Murai Funatsu. Now, I will explain to you what this mission is putting you guys up to. I will also be your training instructor, nutritionist, and your new best friend. I am the only female agent here at LAPD2. Some say I am the easiest to get along with. I don't know, I guess you'll have to decide, huh? Any questions? Good. Let me start on what you guys will wear. You have two different modes. The street undercover, or S.U., and the mission involvement, M.I. For the S.U., you will wear regular clothes that make you blend in with the others. In other words, you will act just like anybody else in that place, except you are carrying a weapon. Sort of like a bouncer. For M.I. and S.U., you will use these…" Agent Murai pushed a green button on the table and out of the walls emerged three tank looking see-through booths. Each tank took its place behind each teen.

"We'll use booths to go on missions?!" Ryoshi turned to look at the bluish gray booths. "That doesn't seem very comfortable…"

"No, Ryoshi. You will each step into the booth when summoned for a M.I. Then you'll be ready for action."

"You mean it'll buff me up a bit?"

"You mean a lot…" Korishina said dryly. Toralin held back a laugh.

"Ha. Very funny…"

"No, Ryoshi. You step into the booth and it'll change you're clothes for you." Agent Murai stated matter-of-factly.

Toralin looked back at the cylinder booth. "Isn't the booth a bit see through?"

"Oh, yeah. About that. You'll be able to see out from inside, but people outside will only see a blurred figure. I dunno. I can't really explain them."

"Great…" mumbled Korishina. She didn't like the fact that a huge pervert like Ryoshi was going to see her getting dressed… she already knew he was obsessed with her anyway…

Agent Murai pressed a red button on the table and the booths disappeared back into the wall. "Now we need to go into the Element room to be tested. Then, we'll go back to the main room to gather some more information. All right? Let's go."

"Um…" Ryoshi asked while they were walking through the halls, passing black steel doors every few seconds. "What if you don't have the Element?"

Korishina and Toralin looked at him with disbelief. "You don't have the Element? I thought you had it all along… no wonder I never saw you in any of the Element classes…"

Agent Murai just smiled. "I'll explain when we get there." A few more minutes of walking and climbing staircases brought them to another steel door. Similar to those that they had passed.

"How do you agents remember what door goes to what room?" Ryoshi asked while agent Murai opened the door.

"Practice." Agent Murai stepped into a room with a clear glass cubicle in the middle and a computer on a desk. "Toralin, you first." Agent Murai took out a packet of sheets from the drawer and picked out one. "Just step inside the glass chamber, but don't close the door." While Toralin was walking into the glass chamber, agent Murai turned to speak with the computer. "Shigami, Toralin. Element: fire. Age: seventeen." She stopped reading from the paper to aim her hand to the door.

What is she doing? The three thought at once.

A second later, the door closed and Murai pulled her hand away. "Toralin, produce a fireball please."

"She must have a psychic Element." Korishina said to Ryoshi who agreed.

Toralin closed her hands into a ball and closed her eyes momentarily. When she opened them, there was a ball of blue fire sparkling in the palm of her hand.

"Very nice. Now I want you to show me a bigger fireball. One that would be used in battle. And I want you to make it as quickly as you can."

Toralin repositioned her feet then waited for Murai to say go.


Toralin pushed both her hands back to one side and when she had brought them forward, there was this huge flaming blue ball waiting to be launched at someone.

"Thank you. Reabsorb that please, then Korishina next."

When Toralin closed her eyes, smoky blue lines traveled up her arms and into her skin as the fireball diminished. Once Toralin had stepped out, Korishina took her place.

"Shigami, Korishina. Element: ice. Age: seventeen." Murai read from a new sheet of paper that she pulled from the stack. Again, she closed the door with her Element.

"Korishina, an ice crystal please."

Korishina held out her left hand. As she closed her eyes, the ice crystal slowly appeared in a lavender color.

"Thank you. Now, just like your sister, make this as quickly as you can. Make an ice javelin. Go."

Korishina raised her right hand above her head to catch a shimmery, transparent lavender colored javelin that was made by her left hand.

"Okay, reabsorb that too. Ryoshi next."

"Uh, but I already told you tha-"Ryoshi tried to explain, but Murai's hand silenced him.

"Just step in. You know martial arts, right?"


"Then just show me a heel drop, then get out. Gokura, Ryoshi. Martial artist. Age: nineteen."

"Okay…" Ryoshi got in and did his heel drop then got out and joined the girls.

"Thank you. Now the computer will process everything and store them in your files. That machine that you got into was to measure how strong you were. For the Elemental ones, their strength is measured in degrees. Yours, Ryoshi, is measured in levels. When we get back to the room, I'll give you your sheets of information."

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