Rose of the Shadows

That familiar crimson, flecked by yellow
Shadow's blood-red blossom on bloom
But how can darkness nurture growth?
So be shadow's rose left to night
When in darkness, a flower cannot spread
Pedals of scarlet, flecked by yellow
Living in the shadow of the elder, the
Younger is restrained by darkness
Always seeking a name for oneself
Always failing . . .
. . . Eagle spreading silent wings,
Rising quietly ot the night . . .
I-Ein gross rote Drache-/I
The ever deeper shadows of the
Dragon's wings be falling, casting
Silent dark surrounding
Of a yellow-flecked red bloom . . .
Silent crosses watching with an
Ever-there persistence, holding
Back the bloss'ming flower of a
Far more peaceful time . . .
But how can crimson, flecked by yellow
Flower in the shadow's light?