Dreadful Novelty

Once, long ago, the sky was its own, left
Unconquered by man. We watched the birds,
Longing for their freedom, and we began to
Imitate them. From this spawned Iour/I flight.
And we grew too powerful, too daring, leading ourselves
To war with our novel flying-machines. Oh, had they at
Kitty Hawk seen us! Involving ourselves in vicious battles
Over war-weary infantrymen in great trenches below,
We were the courageous young knights who fought proudly
For our country. Until we met the true horrors of our little
Novelty. They always said that those who met their Maker
In their novel little birds weren't for the weak-stomached,
And ever were they right! We drew back in revulsion at the
Horror of out merry little game, sitting in our flying-machines
With unawareness until we saw our battles' result. The
Thought had never occurred to us that somewhere, a family
Was missing a brother, a son, a cousin, not until it hit us
Close to Home. And so our novelty wasn't so merry
Anymore, not with the realization that, as our comrades
Fell all around us, the little game wasn't so fun, just
Hard on those who took part in it. And we fliers who lived
Never forgot that.