Soon Death Shall Come

Soon Death Shall Come

You said you cared, you really didn't.

You honestly never gave a shit,

The time is come, this is the end,

Now my wrists are slit.

I close my eyes, I sink my arms,

In the warm pool of despair.

The weakness hits me, I start to groan

The blood-red tendrils floating there.

The darkness hits me, I start to sink,

The life ebbing out of me.

The tears slip out, the room blurs up.

My soul will soon be free.

It's coming close, it's really near,

The bright light in my eye.

I slump far forward, the water meets,

Now my death is nigh.

The angel comes, the spirit sings,

His robe dark robe and cold.

He takes my soul, and leads me on,

Back to his fiery adobe.

My body lies, the blood still there,

Trickling slowly through the night.

The spirit gone, the shell destroyed,

Shunned by the shining light.