Chapter 2

Alex felt a slight twinge of guilt start to grow in his gut as he drove away from Angel's house but he quickly replaced it with a mental picture of Candi straddling him… naked. He felt desire bubbling up inside him and drove a little faster. He looked at the clock as he parked in his carport. Hopefully Ray would come through soon with the shit so he could get on to calling Candi and then get on her. He locked his prized SUV and checked it then with a smile forming on his lips he headed to the courtyard area of his apartment building.

Ray was waiting for him when he got there. "Wassup my pimped out brother?" Called Ray from a secluded bench. Two big willow trees on either side of the bench made it virtually impossible to see without the occupants being forewarned of your approach.

"Dude 'bout time you came through buddy". Alex shook his head as he made his way to the spot where Ray sat. Alex took a seat next to Ray who was more his dealer than his friend but the lines could blur sometimes. Ray was a twenty something self-proclaimed professional drug pusher. He knew a guy that ran a meth lab and always had a steady supply. After 6 months of hooking up from Ray, Alex was just recently being cut into a better price. Ray was a good enough guy but he always played the "hurry-up-and-wait" game when it came to hooking up people he knew would always come back. A true master at his game he didn't fit the normal look of a dealer. His hair was blonde and slicked back and he had one pierced ear, which he wore a little silver hoop in at all times. He opted to dress in loose fit jeans and polo shirts. You're average twenty something college student in appearance. Financially however he was secure beyond most of his peers.

"Fool you know how it works now you want the usual right?" He just laughed at Alex's impatience as usual.

"Yeah, a G for 70 bones right?" Alex laid the contract out, as was Ray's usual business style. Ray didn't answer but removed a gram sized baggie with black lips printed on one side of it and palmed Alex. Alex in turn gave Ray a cigarette box containing a 50 and 2 20s. The deal done Alex got up to leave when Ray finally asked the inevitable.

"Hey slick where's your #1 ho?" Alex felt the guilt return but let it pass just as quickly. He could almost taste Candi already. He laughed at the pun inwardly but then turned around to address the question.

"Took her home tonight she needed some rest". There he thought a noncommittal answer. Alex knew that Angel wasn't dumb and probably knew he wasn't faithful but he wasn't gonna chance it if he was overestimating her intuition.

"Hey if you ain't bangin' it maybe I could". Ray laughed and let the comment pass both of them knew he was joking. With that Alex waved and headed up to his apartment. It was okay for his first foray into the real world but it wasn't a penthouse either. He opened the door to apartment number 15 and saw the familiar blink of his answering machine. His mind flashed instantly to Candi. He pressed play while crossing his fingers.