I see you every day sitting high and pretty

Reflection on a life that never was

By Knightmare Elite

I see you every day sitting high and pretty

I follow quietly in your shadow waiting

One day you will take notice and express some affection

But then it'll be too late for you

A chance is what you had with me

You ignored me and kept on you preacious way

Treating me like a fly you could swat down

Now I've packed my bags and ran out of town

It's ok when you cry of being alone

Something I've done many times at home

For better or worse we were never together

Just remember you lost this shoulder to cry on

It's funny how I used to hate Valentines Day

You'd get a big chocolate heart from your boyfriend

I'd get a broken heart watching your eyes light up

Why wasn't that me in your sight?

When I walk past, you don't see me

you see through me to the inside world

I live outside of you, outside of your emotions

all I ever wanted was your attention

Was a simple "hi" too much for you to say?

Just talking to me would mean the world

as pathetic as I may be you mean everything to me

with just $20 in my wallet I sent you a dozen roses

I waited for you to receive them in hopes of your acceptance

instead you sweetly smelled them and thanked your boyfriend.

Leaving the name on the card blank was not a wise choice -

it only further conceals my identity from you

 as my feelings are crushed beyond repair