Feeding the Dragon
Feeding the Dragon

A dragon rests within my heart,

Scales of glittering jade

Sleeping, softly without a sound

Within my heart a cave.

And when my life falls around me like rain

And the enemy draws near

A blackness swells within me

And the dragon starts to appear.

Even as it sleeps, it grows ever larger

Feeding on my troubled thoughts

It turns my soul against me,

And leaves me in a pool of tears

Then from the cavern of my heart

The dragon starts to stir

Searching me, consuming me

Thriving on my fears

And when I awake, I find

that I am in the dragon's heart and it rages outside

Its eyes, globes of fire

On its breath the smell of hate.

Surveying the world with a steely glance

Longing for the taste of sweet revenge

The dragon utters a piercing sound

As I weep my fearful tears

It demands to be fed-

fed on life, emotions, thoughts

Striking out with fiery breath

Incinerating those who draw near.

For this is the dragon inside us,

A ruthless timeless foe.

Leaving its victims surrounded

In a pool of salty sorrow

It is of no use to attack it,

It swells even bigger then,

Its impossible to tamper with its power,

For some day, the dragon will be fed.