A/N: I just wrote this poem, it's about a conversation which me and my best friend had. I've known her all my life and this deals with my worst nightmare, losing her.
Any similarity to other poems is purely coincidental. Any rhymes are accidental. *looks at poem and cringes* I know it sucks but please be gentle, I was like shaking and crying when I wrote it.

Dark Eyes

With you.

My first memory is of you.
Not my mum, not my dad, but you.
"Together forever" we would say.
"Even longer" I hoped,
But you've changed.
Your smiles are less frequent
And when you do it's tainted with hurt.
It lacks that bright glow it used to have.
You have problems.
I know all about them.
Problems at home,
You don't deserve them, (no one does)
You told me you cut yourself last night
I thought I would die.
You told me you wanted to kill yourself
I started to cry.
I tried to talk you out of it
And soon you where crying too.
"I don't have the guts to!" you said
That's a lie.
We both know you do
"You go, I go" I said.
You got the idea.
Please don't leave me so soon,
'Cause I want my last memory to be like my first,
With you.

By the way I'm English ^^^ hence mum instead of mom.