"To Change the World"

She was small and lonely. No one really noticed her when she was young,
just another pretty face. She went through most of her life trying to
figure it out. Not knowing what would be at every turn scared her. She
had a very hard time dealing with the unexpected. When you looked at
her, there was something behind her blue green eyes that no one could
pinpoint. She came off as being wise, like she had a hard life and
learned many lessons.

You could tell she had a story to tell, she was just looking for the
right person to share it with. Her dreams were big, bigger then most
her age. She'd spend hours going within the depths of her imagination
to put these dreams in print. Her biggest dream was also her biggest
fear: to change the world.

She went through life trying to figure out how. She succeeded in her
career and earned the love and respect of many. She grew older, and
weaker, every day got harder. And every day she saw the prospect of
reaching her dream slip farther and farther away. On her day, the angel
came and the girl looked at her with teary eyes. "I didn't change the

The angel smiled and took the girl in her arms. "You did." She said.
"Everyone changes the world the day they're born."