The Falling Asleep in Class Song

Class is going slowly- time to fall asleep-
Time to watch a dragon eating fuzzy sheep . . .
My eyes are closing softly, shutting out the light
With the sounds of teaching and kids getting into fights . . .
And now I'm going to Iping! Iping!
Where Griffin ran a pole through a door!
I'm going to Iping! Iping!
And Griffin will be mine, forevermore!
But I can't make it to Iping, and now I'm really sad-
Though I'm sure my teacher will be really glad . . .
Still, I'm not ready to go back- I'll stay away-
And now, I'll go to Cappy, where the squadron is at play . . .
So I'm going to Cappy! Cappy!
Where der Rittmeister flies!
I'm going to Cappy! Cappy!
Where the Circus rules the skies!
But, of all wretched things, I can't make it there,
So I'm doomed to watch kids pulling out each other's hair . . .
But do I have to tolerate this? No, I guess I don't;
And if I go to Paris, put up with this I won't.
Now, I'm running to Paris! Paris!
Where Erik haunts the Opera House!
I'm running to Paris! Paris!
And I can watch him ruin Carlotta in 'Faust'!
But now, the bell is ringing- school's letting out-
In my little dream world, I cannot run about . . .
I sigh as I walk out the door, and I shake my head-
The small world of happiness in me now is dead.
I come home and I listen to my Phantom tapes,
Wondering, for all the world, if the time is late,
When suddenly- out of nowhere- my closet door opens;
And I realize that a paradox inside is hid!
And now I'm going to Iping, and Cappy,
And Paris- where my favorite people be!
I'm going to all my favorite places!
And now, I'm extremely happy!

. . . but there's always tomorrow . . .