Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Maybe I'm not
Rosalind, or

Maybe I'm not your
Juliet, and maybe you're not Romeo

I'll never be the Lady of Shalott,
Floating down the river
"Lying, robed in snowy white"
Dying for your love

But then (don't kid yourself)
You're not exactly Lancelot

A rose, by any other name-
I'm still a high school student
Ponytail, essays and all

I'd love to lean off of balconies
Stare dreamily into your eyes

But I've got all this homework—
Maybe tomorrow night

Or maybe we could sit and talk
Laugh together. After all,
Real people have to love too

So maybe I don't need to be your Guinevere
If you'll admit that you're not Arthur

And maybe we can live happily ever after
After all