ImSorry.html Disclaimer: Wrote it all by my lonesome *sigh*.

Summary: About when I have fights with the people I love most and I can't really find the words to apologize or even if I should apologize.

Author's Note: Dedicated to my little sister Alice. But she won't ever read it because she doesn't know I post at FF.Net. At least, HOPEFULLY she won't read it.


I'm sorry you yelled
I'm sorry I cried
I'm sorry no one was there
To wipe the tears from my eyes

I'm sorry you screamed
I'm sorry I lied
I wish you had been there
When I had apologizied

I'm sorry you heard
When I said those things
I wish you didn't know
I always say what I mean

I'm sorry you left
Before you could see
All of the ain that your words
Had somehow managed to bring

I'm sorry I told
Myself to stand tall
While you were standing alone
Not knowing who was at fault

I'm sorry we lost
We both dropped the ball
And what I'm sorry for most
Is I'm not sorry at all.

And now, in the purty blue box, tell me what you think!

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