So that must be where I lie
In the innocent eyes
Of a believer

Somewhere on the surface maybe
Don't I wish they all could see
I'm so much more than I let on to be

Bridge: Piercing my mind all day and night long
It echoes through my heart like a poisoned song
Forever will it be engraved in my soul though the deed was wrong

Chorus: A scarlet letter
For better or for worse
Forced upon me by a rhythm
A purely baneful curse
I can't break free from the methods of
The affliction that's left me in cold blood
With an avenging hunger for his
Sickness that threw me into the flood

With my words I let them know
Forevermore shall be it so
That I remain invincible despite their low

Would it hurt me if I found
A way to venture off the ground
Then could I break free from this chafing bound





Chorus(last 4 lines)