Please my dear [friend] Take this knife.. and use it wisely.. Like you know you always wanted to.. Not a star in the sky tonight.. Not a bird in sight.. It's so quiet outside.. Is all I can seem to think or say.. Because once again I have been abandonded by everyone again.. And I don't know how to do anything alone.. Maybe because I was never taught.. I was always suppose to be who you wanted me too.. But now you don't love me.. You won't talk to me.. I ignore you... Now that you are gone... Now who am I suppose to be?

It seems as if I try so hard.. just to get out of bed... But it matters to no one.. no one knows how much it hurts... I wish someone could understand.. Everything I feel.. But there is no one anywhere.. who even cares........ Sure you may say you do.. But what would it matter in the end? Even if I was laying dead on the cold ground tonight.. What would it really matter to you? You may say... I can't believe she's dead.. But hey.. I admit it.. No big lose to this earth.. I have nothing to offer anyone... And I don't know why I bother going on.. NO one will ever know just how fucking hard it is.. And no one will ever understand..

Please stop covering me up with your lies
Because they hurt more then anything else...
Why aren't you here
Like you always said you would be
Telling me that you love me
Now when I need you..

Why has everyone forsaken me again?

What did I ever do wrong?