Always feeling out of place
Being too afraid to face
The fears I have, deep down inside
Little time I have to bide
Avoid the conflict drawing near
Look at me and find my fears
Tell me what they mean to you
You know what you need to do

I'm lost, but something's got to give
I need to reason, need to live
You act like everything is fine
I'm out of strength, you're out of time
Out of time

Always wanting to know why
Don't think it matters when I try
Then finally when I accept
The truth as is, I'm not adept
At learning to deal with the pain
You lie to me once again
Confused, I really need some help
Do you remember how it felt?

Help me
I've fallen and I can't get up
Help me
I've fallen and I...
Won't give up

I'm lost but something's got to give
Won't give up, won't give in
And I would never let you win

Always worried when I'm done
I have to wonder if I've won
I know I'm better than your lies
But I'm the one who always cries
Do you know what you've done to me?
You know I need to be free
So one more time I have to try
And one more part of my soul dies