Gone like a rainbow , gone like tommrow , gone like today , I watch your tears fall today .

You have changed my destiny ,
You have gone aganist me , You have killed me .

Broken friendships I take at heart , Broken freindships I make into paper airplanes which I fly over a rainbow .

I send my greetings and tidings to all , I watch you all gang aganist me , I watch the colors change from bold to right .

Every color is a new person , Every color is a new heartbreak , Every color is a new life .

Shall the rainbow go away with the sunset , Shall it just float away , Shall time make it evaperate just like me , Shall the landslide come down with all my tears , But what are the tears joy or saddness I don't know .

I am noon coming closer to you , I am the night floating away , I am the dream of happiness and true love making you smile in your sleep .

But most of all I am you .