I am an Otaku
By: Kuroi Shi

Written for canadian anime fans.

Quatre is not a girl, or a pansy.
Ken is not evil, or stupid, or insane.
And I don't know Sasami, Mihoshi, or Aekeya, from Tenchi, But I'm sure thier really very nice.

Heavyarms has a gun, not a sword.
Pikachu speaks pokemon, and Pikachu, not English.

And I say anime, Not japanimation.
Maddison, can proudly sew Sakura's battle costumes.

Heero Yuy is Not sailor moon.
Pokemon is not the same as digimon,
and Chuchu, it a truly puoud and noble animal!

Piccolo is a Namek!
Pai ia a Sanjian!
and it is pronouced Pokemon, Not Pokeeman!!

Japan is a really small land mass
The first nation with Anime
Which is the best part of television.

My name is Kuroi Shi, and I AM AN OTAKU!!!