``Carved deep into the heart of the ancient mountain, surrounded by ice and frozen stone, was a tomb.
Buried in this tomb was Evyljur. The witch. The sorceress. Perhaps she was once human. Not now. Her withered form lay on a slab of black rock, limbs twisted, flesh a thin clinging film over gray bones. Her face, a skull, eyes sunken, lips peeled back from rotting teeth, hair straggling weeds that grew in patches. She had lain there for so long....bri
She stood on the great ebony colored stone, her hard, beautiful, merciless face turned away from her icy mountains towards the land she had set out to make her own. That land...she wanted it. It would be hers! All that she wanted could be hers in time.../ibut she had been impatient. She had been angered by this girl-child who dared defy her...iShe was beautiful, powerful, the darkness twisted and lived at her command! All the world could be hers../i.She had the power to take it all. And then she, ishe,/i had been brought low by a little female brat, a stupid little female brat, who had taken a sword and destroyed the might of Evyljur...iRaven black hair floated around a cruelly beautiful face cut in ice...her graceful form stiff like steel, surrounded by her flowing gown of deepest purple like her eyes.../iHer eyes were now blood-shot, staring out of dark caverns. Her skin riddled with purple veins, her once lovely hands claws, her slim straight back was bent and twisted. She lay in her tomb...br
In the deep, frozen tomb, the lids peeled back from blood-shot, purple eyes. One clawed hand lifted, scraping the ice that surrounded her, digging into it. Blood dripped from that hand, running down the arm, pooling across the stone, until it was all around her...br
Life blood. br
Come to me./i
The heart of the mountain exploded, stone splintering, ice shattering. The ice and the mountain. They had battled each other for dominance. Now they destroyed themselves, and a skeleton drenched in blood raised glowing purple eyes to the horizon. There. That land. iMy land./i The girl-child was gone. iI am awakened./i Her name was forgotten, and with it the name of her enemy. iI have the power./i One nation had vanished, and another was about to take it's place. i It has been long. /i The land lay before her as she stood on the ebony colored stone, her dead, shrunken, merciless face turned away from her icy tomb towards the land that would be hers....iMy land. I am awakened. I have the power. It has been long...long since the last queen destroyed my power and sealed me in a mountain to perish. But I live. I will always live../i.There was a new girl-child, a new queen, an old enemy...iI will take my revenge. This land will be mine. br
Evyljur lives!P