Hi! Lady Jenna here! Well, that was the end of it. For this book anyway (hint, hint.) Anyway, I figured I'd give you a little look at the, well, "making of" I guess. You know, who I named who after, why Jackie is named after a famous African American baseball player. Come on, you've wondered about that…


Okay, okay. Jackie Robinson has that name because Jackie just seemed like the perfect name for her. So that I was just sticking with. No when I usually come up with last names I just use the first name that comes to my mind. Only in my mind only one name can follow Jackie, and so I figured I'd stick with Robinson, I could have some fun with it.

Archie was named after my favorite character in the Nero Wolfe series by Rex Stout, Archie Goodwin.

Ginny was named after one of my Grandmother's friends.

Denitra Blake was named after a girl from my school named Denitra Banks who was always very nice to me.

Evan was named after the character from one of my fav cartoons, X-Men: Evolution.

Marco was named after a guy in my class, which is funny, 'cause I don't really like the guy in my class…

Bobby Blake (Blake brother #2) was named about Robert "Bobby" Hobbes from The Invisible Man on Sci-fi. (A show which they canceled the lousy…)

Jordan Blake was named after my brother, actually…

June Walker is named after the month I was born in ^-^

Jason was named after a guy where I worked (His last name, Miller, works its way into the story as well)

Tanya Webb was named after a girl in my class named Tonya Webb, who, oddly enough, I don't rather care for either…

Romeo Montoya (who I called Murrieta the first time) is named after two things. Romeo is actually from a van parked on a side street by my house that said "Romeo's Heating & Plumbing" And Montoya is from Rene Montoya from the Batman Cartoons and Comics.

Ali Hassam is named after well, Muhammad Ali, and a character from When You Look At Me by Undra E. Biggs who works with my aunt. (She also looked over my first chapter for me ^_^)

Greg Anderson was named after a boy in my class to whom I don't particularly care for either (finally a baddie named after someone I don't like)

Michelle Sanchez was unintentionally named after a good friend of my who is a real sweetheart.

Uncle Arnie was named after Arnold from Hey Arnold!

Aunt Becky was named after a friend of my Mom's.

Little cousin Rachel is named after another person in my class I don't like ^_^;;

Seki Kudou was named after a character from a favorite anime of mine called Weiß Kruez.

Aya Tuskiniro is named after a main character in Weiß Kruez and Sailor Moon.

Lee Young is an interesting story which I'll tell you later. He was named after Lee Thompson Young from Disney's The Famous Jett Jackson

Ronny is named after Veronica Vreeland from the Batman cartoons.

Carla Stewart was named after Jon Stewart from The Daily Show!

Mr. Wujick and Mr. Healy, the 9th and 10th grade Global Studies teachers, were my 9th and 10th grade Global Studies teachers.

Nicolas is named after a friend of mine.

What I Didn't Say

Jason Walker's middle name is Elvis, after the King himself.

Nicolas is Catholic.

Nicolas' middle name is Daniel.

Jason plays the saxaphone, which is how he and Marco met. Jason was getting his saxaphone fixed and Marco walked in to by new strings for his guitar, or something…

Jason's license plate is "Diomedes" which is the birth name of Jason from Greek or Roman mythology, I forget.

Jackie's birthday is September the 5th.

Jason is 6'1".

Dee's B-day is November 7th.

Dee is 5'7"

Mrs. Blake's first name is Marla.

Mr. Healy and Mr. Wujick are the only two other male teachers in Little Harbor High.

Inside Jokes

I'm from Buffalo, so that's why everything seems to happen there. It's also why Jackie defended the Sabres and why hockey is in the story so much.

That art school Aunt Becky works at by the smoke towers is MY school.

Ronny is a Balinese cat, which look a bit like Siamese only with longer hair. (Balinese is also the code name of my favorite guy from Weiß Kruez)

The Monarch colors are the same as the LA Kings, which was my favorite team when Gretzky was still on.

Most the stuff that comes out of Mrs. Livingston's mouth Mr. Healy has actually said.

I have a lot of friends in Toronto, so that's why I mention that place a few times.


Okay, one night I watched Never Been Kissed (good guess RaliNeoBlade) and I dreamt that night about some girl where you just get the idea there was something between her and the teacher. (Also on a side note, there was a guy in my dream who looked a lot like Lee Thompson Young from The Famous Jett Jackson)

Other Things

The sequel I'm going to be writing is not the original sequel I had in mind. None of them, actually. The first sequel I had in mind was a based around Romeo Montoya. So I have tons of info on him. Remember the girl he ended up dancing with, there almost was a story about that. The actual sequel will reveal a bit behind that.

There was also talk of a sequel about Jackie and Jason living together and him, you know, "popping the question." Which I suppose that would always be the third in the series…

Then there was talk of a story for Callista or Aya.

Well that's all I can think of, hope it amused you in someway. I'm gonna go work on the sequel now…