Little man in a suit of grey,
follows the same routine each day
goes to work repeating tasks again
monotonal life and when
he sits there his mind switches off
and the autopilot comes into play.
He's starting to notice it less and less
and his soul dies a little each day.

He was a teenage rebel
standing in the protest lines
part of human chains
gainst material gain
but his principles were asked to resign
Rebelling as a teen's all well and good
but it's hard to be rebellious in parenthood.

Wakes the same time evry day-
a minute before the alarm starts to play.
Picks a suit from the racks of clones,
doesn't really listen as the radio drones.
Wakes his kids and wakes his wife
then goes and has his morning fix
of caffeine, orange juice and toast,
reads his paper over wheetabix.

He was a teenage rebel
now he toes the comp'ny line
helps enforce the chains
of material gain,
his principles had to resign.
He made sure he did evrything he could
to give his kids a comfy childhood.

Evry nite by the time he gets home
his kids to sleep have gone.
He eats his tea then goes to bed
falls asleep soon's he rests his head.
His wife is starting to wonder
when the man she married got lost.
She knows why he works himself to death
but she doesn't think it's worth the cost.

He was a teenage rebel
when she met him in the protest lines.
They formed human chains
gainst material gain,
but to his apathy she's resigned.
She's watched him do all that he could,
but she knows he's missing their kids' childhood.

He comes home once more one night
and she looks at him in fright.
This is not her husband who's come home
it's some mindless monotonal drone.
She knows he had good intentions
but that doesn't seem enough.
Their kids need a father with a soul
so she goes and packs their stuff.

Gone is the teenage rebel
and all mem'ry of protest lines
Mindless link in a chain
for material gain
no principles left to resign
There's no soul left any more, it's no good
and it's giving their kids an unhappy childhood.

She takes the stuff out to the car
Retuns and tells him how things are.
He looks at her as if she's mad
"They're my kids, they need their dad,"
She says to him "That's the first time
you've even remembered they're there.
You're just a mindless company clog,
they need someone who can care."

He was a teenage rebel
but he's crossed the protest lines.
A link in a chain,
lost more'n he gained.
His fam'ly have all resigned.
There's a warped bit of spirit left says he should
do anything not to miss his kids childhood.

Some weeks later she goes around
to see how he's getting on now.
Into the living room she's gone,
she can see that somethings wrong.
The floor is piled high with cans
he's been drinking to block out his life.
She turns, he's got a gun in his hand
and he calmly shoots his wife.

He was a teenage rebel
standing in a protest line.
A human chain
gainst material gain
but his principles had to resign.
A soul that was strong and true and good
got corrupted by the pressures of adulthood.

Don't forget you principles,
don't let them be subdued.
They form the baseline of your soul
They are what makes you you.
Don't let them take away your self,
no matter what the cost.
Material things can be replaced,
but a soul stays forever lost.

Principles may not pay the bills
but those who have them have their souls still.