A Spirit's Requiem

A flying spirit
Roaming freely
Sings sweetly, and happily

Then from the void of the black beyond
And arrow of pain shoots from the darkening sky
The spirit stops- and starts to die.

The arrow, made of hate
Was from another soul.
Corrupted and angry beyond control

Pleading, the injured spirit implored
'Stop the arrows, the hate the cold!
What hath I done to make you so angry, and bold?'

'Have I done you wrong by not being like you?
You who delight in my demise, extinguishing my fire
Know me not, yet do not hesitate to conspire!'

Then the spirit uttered its final free song
'Let me fly for I cannot be controlled. This is my final plea-
Love me, understand me, include me, accept me!'

Weeping as its heart turned cold,
It viewed revenge, a horrid coal
As a window to destroy another soul

Its mind icing over, it's freedom is gone.
And when the body starts to die,
The spirit knows- it cannot fly.