Questions asked of the Sea

Am I insignificant?
A grain on the beaches of life?
Is there any point in living?
Shall I plunge into your depths o sea?

My questions,
Thrown to the wind
My voice, lost in the howl of silence.
Shall I carry on o sea?

Struggling to make sense of this thing called life.
Torment, pain, emotion
I am ignored my those who are my peers
Shall I ignore them o sea?

Life is hell, blinding light
Death is like the sea, soft and dark.
Yet we all fear you.
Why do we beg to stay in hell o sea?

Blinded by the light, shall I struggle on?
Searching for the heaven that I can make of life.
I'll stumble, I'll fall I'll pick up and go on
But if I'm trying for God's sake, who says that I'm wrong?